Customer Service Policy

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service. For this reason we always offer advice free of cost in connection with difficult sanitation tasks.

Training sessions in the AGS Systems are arranged on a regular basis for our customers personnel. Generally speaking, each product comes with its own instruction sheet, which contains information about handling, application, removal, storage, etc.

Environmental Policy

More and more emphasis is being given to protecting the environment in modern society. That is why we at Anti-Graffiti Systems endeavour to carry out our work without detriment to the environment.

Fast, safe and cost effective application method.

Invisible and permeable coatings mean graffiti like this is not a problem.

It takes 5-10 minutes to clean a wall of approx. 100 sq. metres. It's quite easy to restore the wall to its original condition.

AGS offers an environmentally user friendly alternative, with water soluble products which are safer for your employees, the public, the environment and are not ozone depleating.

Currently there are few methods or products on the market for the effective removal of graffiti. Those that are available

MAY CAUSE SOME FORM OF DAMAGE. Damage can be inflicted on the surface, on the environment or the employee in the form of occupational illnesses caused by chemical side effects. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, SAFE, COST EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT, BIO-DEGRADABLE