AGS utilise a system of products for the efficient removal of graffiti and cleaning of residual build-up.

AGS products consist of two main groups:
• Graffiti Removers and
• Anti-Graffiti Shields

The unique aspect of the AGS System is that products can be combined and adapted for the specific surface to be cleaned and/or protected. This allows for maximum effect without causing surface damage.

The AGS System has a wide range of protective shields for all kinds of surfaces, both interior and exterior. They are cost-effective, environmentally and user-friendly.

These same protective shields are also used to protect surfaces in areas with high levels of pollution and dust. AGS shields are water clear and therefore are ideal for protection of Heritage Buildings, concrete and brick structures, signs, as well as painted surfaces. On most surfaces the protective shield is undetectable.

Removal of Graffiti

Generally graffiti can be removed from any type of surface. This means that solid, non-porous surfaces and absorbent, porous surfaces can be easily cleaned with the AGS System.

Protection against Graffiti

AGS can protect both absorbent and painted solid surfaces against graffiti. The anti-graffiti shield is brushed or sprayed onto the clean area, forming a transparent film. The protective shield prevents the penetration of paint, dirt and pollution, but still allows the underlying material to breathe. This is one of the most important criteria for protection, for without this ability to "BREATHE" the surface would eventually corrode and crack. Spray paint and other graffiti items are easily removed from the protected surface. Once protected, markers will not affect the surface and posters or bumper stickers will not stick.

Life of AGS Protection

The Anti Graffiti Protection System has a life of up to five years. If the surface is constantly exposed to wear and tear, tough weather conditions or other excessive elements, it is easy to re-protect the surface. However, it is very likely that the protection will be found intact even after ten years.